Following are some of the optimisation services we provide for wordpress sites.

SEO Optimization Image

SEO Optimization

We install and setup seo plugins with optimal settings. Add google analytics code to site and submit sitemap to google web master tools.

Speed Up WordPress Image

Speed Up WordPress

Setup premium caching plugin for wordpress to allow for fastest loading times. Setup of image plugin to allow for quick page load times.

Wordpress Security Image

Wordpress Security

We install security plugin, setup for best protection. We then close common security holes in wordpress to prevent attacks at different levels.

Google PageSpeed Optmization Image

Google PageSpeed Optmization

Setup wordpress plugins, optimize images and update wordpress theme to reach highest Google PageSpeed rating possible on your site.

Site Cleaning Up Image

Site Cleaning Up

Review files and removal unnecessary files from your wordpress site. Also do image optimization to reduce site and backup size.

Database Optimization Image

Database Optimization

Along with taking up backups, we regularly optimize your database, by getting rid of any unused data, images and spam comments.